Homeless shelter

Joshua LaBure

In this installment of A Portrait of a Pandemic, we continue with our portraits of those in and surrounding the homeless community of Omaha. Last week we heard from Daryl and his experience of homelessness in a pandemic. Today, KIOS’s Emily Chen-Newton brings us Devon Lee, volunteer coordinator at the The Stephen Center, an emergency housing and addiction recovery campus in Omaha.

To contact the HERO Addiction Recovery Program: 402-715-5440

Joshua LaBure

“Stay home” became a nationwide mantra in early 2020, but for the thousands of homeless men and women in America this is more complicated. As shelters across the country do their best to social distance within their facilities, still countless individuals sleep outside every night. The voices and stories of these individuals are not often heard as part of the pandemic landscape. So, in this edition of a portrait of a pandemic, we feature Daryl and his story of living homeless in a pandemic.

Homeless Shelter Opens

Dec 12, 2019

Omaha's newest homeless shelter is open.  A ribbon cutting took place yesterday for the Siena Francis House's new shelter.  The 14-point-five-million-dollar shelter includes 450 beds, a large dining hall, laundry facilities and meeting spaces.  The city of Omaha contributed two-point-five-million-dollars towards the new shelter.


Winter Weather Leaves Shelters At Capacity

Nov 12, 2019

Winter weather conditions are forcing homeless residents to Omaha's emergency shelters.  Siena Francis House officials say nearly 300 people stayed in their shelters on Sunday night due to the frigid temperatures.  The shelters have about 260 available beds, but Siena Francis House is planning to open a new shelter next month. 


Jason Fischer's documentary, "Out of Frame: Unseen Poverty in the Heartland" screens tonight at the Ruth Sokolof Theater at 7:00 p.m.

Open Door Mission Restocking Winter Items After Operating in Overflow Status

Jan 19, 2017

During the recent bitter cold spell, the Open Door Mission was operating above capacity and went through a number of winter warm-up items.  Candace Gregory, President and CEO of the Open Door Mission, says at their emergency shelter for women and children, The Lydia House, the 300 beds were not enough; women and children slept on mats on the floor in their community rooms every night.