(Omaha, NE)  --  Discussions are underway to create a landlord registry in Omaha.  City officials gathered yesterday to discuss establishing a quality assurance program to help renters find landlords who provide secure and safe housing options.  The idea of a landlord registry stems from a mass inspection of an apartment complex near 34th and Lake last month that uncovered more than 25-hundred code violations.  Another committee meeting on the matter will take place later this month. 

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) — Officials say most of the Council Bluffs rental units inspected during the first week of a new city program had violations.

Douglas County Health Department focusing on smoke-free housing

Nov 20, 2012

The Douglas County Health Department wants 11,000 people to have access to smoke-free housing by the fall of 2014.


The city of Omaha is forming a task force to study solutions to problem landlords and poor rental housing.

Kevin Denker, Chief Housing Inspector for the city of Omaha, says his department has 4,000 active complaints they’re investigating. Some of those are multiple dwellings in one building. Denker says the Housing Division gets about 120 complaints a month. That number rises to 180 in the summer.