Local Government

A sweeping bill that would shield Nebraska businesses and local governments from coronavirus-related lawsuits has won initial approval from state lawmakers, despite some complaints that senators haven’t done enough for workers who were at risk. Lawmakers advanced the proposal, 39-3, through the first of three required votes. The measure would bar pandemic-related lawsuits against businesses or governments as long as they were following federal public health guidelines. At least 29 other states have enacted laws addressing the issue, including 12 that are similar to the Nebraska proposal.

White text reading "Strongly Worded Letters" against a pink background
Johnny Redd, Strongly Worded Letters

Strongly Worded Letters is a digital civic engagement toolkit for Omaha residents. Founders and Omaha natives Gab Rima and Johnny Redd use Instagram and other social media platforms to explain local politics and post scripts when getting in touch with representatives. Though Strongly Worded Letters encourages activism of all kinds, Rima says nothing quite captures passion like pen and paper.

Bacon to Host Town Hall

Jul 31, 2019

Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon is planning to meet with his constituents.  Bacon will hold a town hall meeting August 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire Barn Sports Bar & Grill at 2523 River Road Drive in Waterloo.  Town hall audience members can submit questions on slips of paper to Bacon during the event.