nebraska senate

A Republican state lawmaker in Nebraska who has criticized President Donald Trump and accused the GOP of enabling racism has launched a new website to try to change the party's current views on unions, guns and climate change. Sen. John McCollister, of Omaha, unveiled a new website dubbed “Republican Redefined." The website lays out what McCollister describes as conservative arguments for public education, prison reform and a strong social safety net, among other issues. It also highlights Nebraska's one-house, officially nonpartisan Legislature and the senator who fought to create it.

Senator Proposes End to Daylight Saving Time

Feb 20, 2020

A Nebraska lawmaker wants to make changes to daylight saving time.  A measure introduced yesterday by Senator Tom Briese calls for Nebraska to spring ahead by one hour and then stay there year-round.  Under the proposal, the change would not take effect until the federal government allows states to decide if they want to observe daylight saving time and until two neighboring states adopt similar laws.


City Councilman Seeks Former Senate Seat

Feb 20, 2020

An Omaha city councilman is seeking his former seat in the Nebraska Senate.  City Councilman Rich Pahls filed yesterday to run for the District 31 seat.  Pahls previously held the seat from 2005 to 2013.  The 76-year-old Pahls is one of four people seeking to replace incumbent state Senator Rick Kolowski, who is term limited.

A bill that would lower Nebraska’s property taxes by shifting more state aid to schools is drawing support from the state’s top agricultural and business groups but opposition from schools that don’t want restrictions on their taxing power and don’t trust the state to maintain its funding. The face-off before the Legislature’s Revenue Committee was a troubling sign for the bill’s prospects, although the committee chairwoman says the proposal was likely to change.

A state lawmaker who has fought for years to restrict human trafficking in Nebraska is now trying to hit traffickers in the wallet with a proposed sales tax on dating and escort services. The bill introduced would eliminate a sales tax exemption for the services, which include legitimate dating websites as well as businesses that act as a front for prostitution and human trafficking. Money generated from the tax would go into an existing state fund to help pay for services for human trafficking survivors. Sen.

A state lawmaker concerned about overcrowding in Nebraska prisons plans to propose building a new 300-bed work release facility in Omaha. State Sen. Steve Lathrop says he'll introduce a bill calling on the state to begin planning a new community corrections facility. Building the new facility could cost more than $40 million, but Lathrop's bill would only require the state to plan for the new work release facility. Nebraska's prisons currently hold 2,006 more inmates than their design capacity of 3,535 inmates. The state's prison system is at 157% of its design capacity.

A former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate is running again for a seat in Nebraska. Chris Janicek, of Omaha, announced in a press release Tuesday that he'll file paperwork next week for another Senate run. He's seeking the seat held by U.S. Ben Sasse, a heavy favorite to win re-election in GOP-dominated Nebraska. One other Democratic candidate, Dennis Frank Macek, has already filed to run for the seat. Janicek last ran in 2018. He lost in the Democratic primary to Jane Raybould, who failed to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer.