New Year's Day

More Than a Workout

Jan 3, 2020

The boom of boutique fitness in America would likely not exist without a young girl from rural Iowa. In this episode, we get into the Midwestern origins of Jazzercise with founder and CEO, Judi Sheppard Missett. Then we discuss the changing face and message of “female fitness” today. Join us as we talk about the hormonal, skeletal, and social structures that makes working out different across genders and sexes.

A minor earthquake occurred New Year's Day about 18 miles south-southwest of O'Neill. No damage or injuries were reported after the tremor. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake registered about 2.9 in magnitude. It was pinpointed about 5 miles underground near the Holt County village of Chambers. Paul Caruso is a geophysicist with the geological survey in Golden, Colorado, and he told station KNOP that an earthquake at that spot is unusual but not unheard of, given that small earth tremors are possible anywhere in the country.