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A Nebraska legislative committee kicked off its effort to redraw the state’s political boundaries, showing early signs of an urban-rural divide as some lawmakers questioned whether rural population declines were as severe as census numbers show. Data presented to the committee confirms that legislative districts in rural, western Nebraska all lost residents. Suburban Omaha and Lincoln posted big gains. One district in the remote Nebraska Panhandle lost 15.5% of its population from 2010 to 2020. A fast-developing Omaha-area district gained 31.1%.

Nebraska's rural areas are struggling with a shortage of high-speed internet, and consumers who live there are likely paying more for service than their urban counterparts.

Taking on more debt and raising capital are two of the biggest concerns for rural small businesses, according to a new survey.

The U.S. Senate passes Farm Bill

Jul 9, 2012

The U.S. Senate recently passed the 2012 Farm Bill by a vote of 64-35.  Chuck Hassebrook, with the Center for Rural Affairs, says this bill will provide continued support to Nebraska farmers. 

He says one of the biggest disadvantages in the bill is that it over subsidizes crop insurance for larger agricultural interests, making it difficult for smaller family-sized farmers to compete.