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91.5 KIOS-FM Station Manager, Ken Dudzik, Releases The Following Update:

UNMC Smartphone Study Aimed at Helping Rural Nebraska Men Lose Weight


Researchers from UNMC’s College of Nursing Northern Division in Norfolk are studying whether smartphone technology can help rural men lose weight.  The three-year study, funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, is in collaboration with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department. 

Dr. Christine Eisenhauer says there is reason to be concerned about the number of men in rural parts of the state for whom weight is an issue. 

Rural, midlife men age 40 to 69, are currently exhibiting rising rates of cardiovascular disease and in the state of Nebraska, 69 percent are actually overweight or obese. We are trying to address this issue by developing a preventive health resource for rural men that’s accessible and acceptable to them. Weight loss can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, pain, heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. Weight loss has also demonstrated improvement in quality of life for men.”        

Eisenhauer says the study will involve two groups, with one group receiving a cell phone with a very basic diet and activity monitoring app, and the other receiving one with an advanced form of the app. 

All participants will visit the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department in Wayne three times over a six-month period for health monitoring and survey information.

Eisenhauer says they are currently recruiting 80 men for this study.

The number for more information is 402-844-7897, or search “Rural Men’s Health Study UNMC.”