Nebraska Medicine's Violence Prevention Program Awarded Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant

Nov 3, 2017

The UNMC and Nebraska Medicine youth violence prevention program, Dusk to Dawn, or D2D, has recently received a $315,000, three-year Clinical Scholars Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

D2D, which launched this year, is the only hospital-based violence prevention program in Omaha.  It shows at-risk 12 to 18-year-olds the harsh realities of being a trauma victim close up -- in Nebraska Medicine’s ER and trauma bay.  

The Director of D2D, Dr. Charity Evans, says this grant will allow them to take the program to youth at the Douglas County Detention Center and the Douglas County Jail. She says these participants, since they are unable to take part in the program on site, will experience the rescue and treatment process through video recordings.

“The filming will actually begin in the ambulance.. And then we’re going to film it, in part, from the patient’s point of view, so (they're able) to see the number of providers standing over them and calling out orders, and so on and so forth. So, we are going to attempt to replicate.”

Evan says bringing the program to the youth and young adults at the Detention Center and Douglas County Jail just makes sense, since they are probably the ones most at risk. 

She says with the grant money they will also create a hospital-based intervention program for victims of violence who seek treatment at Nebraska Medicine.  

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