Work Continues on Gavins Point Dam

Dec 3, 2012

Gavins Point Dam

The US Army Corps of Engineers will begin a spillway slab repair project at Gavins Point Dam this month.

Dave Sobczyk, Dam Safety Program Manager for the Omaha District, says the corps is doing the repairs in order to restore the spillway from the effects of the 2011 flooding. 

He says the corps will remove debris from the spilling basin downstream and install instrumentation that will enable the corps to evaluate and monitor pressures that occur below the slab in the future.  Sobczyk says the corps has already addressed the more serious issues.

"Last spring when we did find some of the damage, we did perform an initial round of repairs.  We replaced grates and other things we deemed critical for the short-term use of that spillway.  So we’ve already completed what I would call our critical repairs out there.”

Sobczyk says the corps planned the project to coincide with the low flows coming out of Gavins Point Dam this time of year. He expects downstream impact to be minimal and says the project should wrap up within six months.