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Restoring the Benson Theatre to its Former Glory

The Benson Theatre was built in 1926 as a vaudeville theatre.  It was converted to a movie theatre in the 1940’s, and became retail space in 1953. 

In 2010, the space was purchased by Lund Ross Contractors for the purpose of restoring the theatre to its original purpose. 

Monty Eich, Marketing Manager for the Benson Theatre Project, says the organization wants the theatre to become a community hub.  He says the plan is to offer live musical, theatrical, and comedy events, as well as select films. 

"During the day, the space is going to be used as an education center where we are going to be teaching members of the community entrepreneur skills and marketing skills.  We could have a focus on artists of all different types, either visual artists or musicians, coming in and learning the business of what they want to do so they can pursue their passion.”

Eich says 15% of the revenue generated by the Benson Theatre will be reinvested in the Benson Improvement District. 

To check on the progress of the Benson Theatre Project click here