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Charles Dickens' great-great-grandson performing A Christmas Carol in Omaha

The great-great-grandson of author Charles Dickens will be in Omaha this week to perform one of his most famous works.

This is the fifth year Gerald Dickens will perform A Christmas Carol in Omaha. There will be seven total performances, including two for schools. Gerald Dickens' one-man performance of A Christmas Carol is inspired by his great-great-grandfather's readings of the novel in the 1860s.

Douglas County Historical Society spokeswoman Chris Stewart says Dickens will perform all 26 characters from A Christmas Carol.

"He’s able to perform all 26 of these characters that are quite distinct by just making changes in his posture, and his facial expressions, and just a very few props. So even if you’re not into A Christmas Carol, if you’re into outstanding acting, it’s something to really see."

Registration is closed for Thursday and Friday’s events. The Saturday afternoon performance of A Christmas Carol is at 1 pm at the Field Club.

More information is available at