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UNO hosting annual conference on biblical archaeology

The Dead Sea Scrolls, Alexander the Great, and recent Bethsaida discoveries are all topics at UNO’s annual Biblical Archaeology Conference.

The 17th annual Batchelder Conference for Biblical Archaeology beging Thursday. The conference brings together biblical scholars from around the world to discuss history, recent discoveries, and religion.

Friday’s sessions include a keynote on the Book of Enoch, as well as sessions on Alexander the Great, and new discoveries.

The conference wraps up Saturday with sessions about the Bethsaida excavation site. UNO professor of religion Curtis Hutt will also present a session on Berger’s Crescent on the Temple.

Since 1990, UNO has led a consortium that has uncovered and studied artifacts at the Bethsaida site along the Sea of Galilee. More information on the Batchelder Conference is available at