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The National Veterans Golden Age Games to be held in Omaha in 2015

Next year, the 29th Annual National Veterans Golden Age Games will be held in Omaha.

Anna Morelock, Local Coordinator for the games, says veterans 55 and older will compete in about 14 different events, including swimming, horseshoes, cycling, and bowling.

She says the VA has been holding the games since 1985 and it takes place at a different VA each year. 

Morelock says the games encourage a healthy lifestyle, and the VA encourages veterans to practice for the competition year round.

"One of our goals is to recruit Nebraska veterans and let them know that it’s going on.  We just haven’t had a local team.  And a lot of the VA’s across the country have teams that practice their sports throughout the year so we have done some outreach and we hope to have a big group from Nebraska participate.”

Morelock says the 29th Annual National Veterans Golden Age Games will take place August 8th-12th of 2015. 

About 800 veterans will come to Omaha to participate along with their coaches and families. Morelock says the economic impact on the local area is expected to be about $3 million.