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Partnership of Women's Foundations Pledge $100 Million to Create Pathways to Economic Security

The Women’s Fund of Omaha, a member of Prosperity Together, recently announced they will take part in a five-year, $100 million dollar initiative that will fund programs to promote economic security among women.

Michelle Zych, executive director for the Women’s Fund of Omaha, says this year, the organization has invested $250,000 into women’s and girls’ programs that look at issues like domestic violence and economic security. 

Zych says just under 30 foundations across the nation will pool their resources together as part of the partnership to fund programs that have proven to help low-income women and their families with economic stability.

"We are going to be looking at job training, financial literacy, and child care initiatives.  These are things that we know help women attain economic self-sufficiency, programs that really help women be able to take care of their families and their communities.”

Zych says the goal of this partnership is to raise the collective awareness that women’s funds have in individual communities and across the nation. 

She says the Women’s Fund of Omaha will start the initiative next year during their regular grant cycle. 

Zych says next April they will begin accepting applications from non-profit organizations that are looking at programs centered on economic security for women.  Grant winners will then be announced in October.

More information is available online at