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American Cancer Society: prognosis good if prostate cancer is caught early

The American Cancer Society says the survival rate for men who have prostate cancer is nearly one hundred percent over five years if the cancer is caught early.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett announced Tuesday that he has stage one prostate cancer. Buffett will begin a two-month course of treatment in July.

Mike Lefler, spokesman for the Nebraska Region of the American Cancer Society, hopes Buffett’s diagnosis raises awareness of all types of cancer. Lefler says advances in technology and screening has meant about 90 percent of prostate cancer cases are caught early. Prostate cancer is the second-most diagnosed cancer in men.

Buffett said in the letter his cancer was discovered after a PSA test showed elevated levels. But Lefler cautions that not every man needs to have a PSA test at age 50 and every year thereafter. He says men should discuss with their doctors whether such a move is necessary.

PSA is a blood test. Elevated levels of the prostate-specific antigen can indicate if prostate cancer is present.