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Build a Bluebird Nest Box at DeSoto Bend


DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge is having a bluebird event this Sunday, April 8th.  Visitors will learn about bluebirds, and those who preregister will be able to build their own bluebird nest box from pre-made kits. 

Peter Rea, Supervisory Park Ranger at the Refuge, says the Eastern Bluebird population had declined dramatically in the 20th Century, until volunteers in the North American Bluebird Society got involved. 

“It was just concerned citizens coming together saying they weren’t seeing as many bluebirds out in the countryside.  And, you know, just kind of coming together and doing something about it. And they put up all these houses for the bluebird to nest in. And since that time the bluebird has, you know, really responded well, and it’s no longer a species of concern.”

Ray says bluebird houses need to be fairly small to keep aggressive species like the European Starling and the House Sparrow from moving in and kicking the bluebirds out.

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge's entirely volunteer-run Bluebird House Program has about 50 houses scattered across the Refuge.  One of these volunteers will talk about bluebirds and explain the DeSoto Bluebird program at Sunday’s event, which begins at 12:30

To register, the number is 712-388-4800.