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Six Nebraska locations added to National Register of Historic Places


Three Omaha locations were recently added to the National Register of Historic Places by The National Park Service.
David Calease, National Register Coordinator for History Nebraska, says two of them are right next to each other on Farnam Street: the Drummond Motor Car Company and the Firestone Tire and Rubber Building. Calease says both of them were influential and important during the early 1900’s through the 1920’s as the Lincoln Highway went through Omaha. 

The third property is a private residence located in the Fairacres Historic District. 

Calease says there are plenty of properties we drive by, walk by and go into every day that are historic properties. 

He says there’s a lot of unique history in local communities.

"We like to have those stories brought to us; those properties brought to us.  We want to work with owners and cities.  Even if you’re a town of 2,000 or 5,000 or 10,000. Your downtown is potentially eligible for the National Register.  And those areas are what built a lot of these small towns and those small towns built our state and our country.  So I don’t want anyone to ever overlook an old building and think it’s just an old building.  There may be a great history behind it.”

Calease says there are four areas the group considers when looking at places for the registry: the property’s association with historic events in history; the property’s association with a significant person, architecture and archaeology.   

To view the list of historic places in Nebraska, the website is  Once you’re there, look under divisions for historic preservation.