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Nebraska DOI Wants Your Input


The Nebraska Department of Insurance wants to hear your questions and concerns, so once again they are holding listening sessions throughout the state beginning the first week of October.  

Martin Swanson, Administrator for Health Policy for the Nebraska DOI, says with open enrollment for the ACA approaching, they have information people may need to consider before enrolling.  And for those who feel they cannot afford the ACA, Swanson says they will cover less expensive options that are available, some of which are new this year.    

“This year they can look at short-term duration plans that are out there. They don’t cover everything, they may be subject to preexisting conditions, but they might be an option for a consumer. They can be up to 364 days of coverage... The policy for a short-term duration may be cheaper, but they will not cover as much or as robust benefits as would an Affordable Care Act plan.  There are also other plans that are being offered for farmers and ranchers if they are part of a particular association – they may have an additional option to buy into a group market.”

Swanson says these listening sessions help the DOI understand what insurance-related issues consumers have—about all types of insurance -- and the information they receive has even affected policy.  He says the topics covereed during the sessions will be put into a power point which will be available on their website by early November.   

For more information and the schedule of listening sessions, the website is