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Daily interviews with people involved in local charities, arts organizations, government, medical groups, educational institutions, and more. Airs weekdays at 7:44 a.m. and 3:44 p.m. hosted by Mike Hogan.

#OPSProud-Day 3-Brand New School Opens, Staff in Full Gear, Kids Show Pride, Thomas Lee Tells How


It’s Day 3 of the annual #OPSProud Week celebration. All this week, “Live & Local” is speaking with some of the staff at Omaha Public Schools who have a daily impact on providing the education this community needs and shaping the lives of our kids.

Thomas Lee, the Principal at the brand new Westview High School talks with Mike Hogan about the process to build, staff, and open a new school plus the true pride that these students have in this school from which they will someday be the inaugural graduates.

This week will be a time of celebration, open houses, and a chance for everyone affiliated with Omaha Public Schools to show how proud they are.

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Thomas Lee, Principal of the newly opened Westview High School

By joining the staff at KIOS as the local "Morning Edition" Host in November of 2017, Mike Hogan’s radio career has come full circle. His first radio job was with St. Louis, Missouri NPR affiliate 88.1 FM KDHX.