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Omaha Sex Traffic At Alarming Levels, Magdalene Omaha Provides Solutions, Theresa Houser Explains

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. And it is shocking to discover that human trafficking is alive, well, and thriving in Nebraska…Particularly in Omaha. According to a report by Creighton University researchers, on average each month in Nebraska, 900 unique individuals are sold for sex…675 of them in the metropolitan Omaha area.

As law enforcement helps to combat this issue, what happens to the people who are rescued and escape from a life of sex trafficking? Where do they go?

As Theresa Houser, Founder and CEO of Magdalene Omaha, explains in this interview with Mike Hogan on “Live & Local” there are several organizations that work in concert to offer the path and support to a new, safe life for victims of sex trafficking.

There is a fundraising event at The Benson Theatre on Wednesday, January 25th starting at 3:00 p.m. with a reception, discussion, then the screening of the documentary “Thistle.” Proceeds will benefit the programs and work done at Magdalene Omaha. More information about the event can be found at

Magdalene Omaha offers new beginnings, sober housing, and workforce development for survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They amplify the survivor's voice through our vibrant community engagement activities.

For more information about the organization, including how you can get involved to help, the website is

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