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“The Gathering” Will Raise Funds To Help Families Educate Their Kids, Rachel Carver Explains on KIOS

Did you know that the cost to educate one child is $11,990? That’s difficult for any family to afford, now imagine the family wants to send their children to a neighborhood school in east Omaha so their children will have a safe place to learn academic, social, and interpersonal skills. One has to wonder how they can make that happen.

One possible answer is the CUES School System. CUES is a system of three schools in east Omaha and while many CUES families face difficult financial circumstances and simply cannot afford to pay the full tuition, all of their families receive financial assistance. No child is turned away because of their family’s inability to pay.

Rachel Carver is the Communications and Marketing Director for CUES Fund, which provides funds for these families to help them help their children. Rachel spoke with Mike Hogan about the history of the CUES schools, how the fund works, and the services the schools provide. She also discussed an event to raise more funds to help continue to provide the financial assistance needed for these families to continue to educate their children in the community in which they live.

On Saturday, March 25th, at 5:30 p.m. The Gathering starts at CHI Health center to benefit the CUES Fund. This fun filled evening includes cocktails, dinner, and an auction along with great fun and comradery. More information about this year’s Gathering, which has the theme, “We’re Unstoppable!” can be found at

This theme represents their mission and message to the CUES students every day, that they are loved, are cared for, and nothing can stop them from fulfilling your dreams!

By joining the staff at KIOS as the local "Morning Edition" Host in November of 2017, Mike Hogan’s radio career has come full circle. His first radio job was with St. Louis, Missouri NPR affiliate 88.1 FM KDHX.