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Severe Storms Bring Death and Destruction To Western IA

Officials say five people died and at least 35 were hurt as powerful tornadoes ripped through Iowa, with one carving a path of destruction through the small city of Greenfield. The Iowa Department of Public Safety says four were killed in the Greenfield area, and local officials say a fifth person — a 46-year-old woman whose car was blown off the road — was killed about 25 miles (40 kilometers) away. State officials say the number of people injured is likely higher. Officials have not released the names of those killed in Greenfield because they are still notifying relatives. The tornado that tore through Greenfield left a wide swath of obliterated homes, splintered trees and crumpled cars in the city.
Meanwhile, A wind farm in southwest Iowa suffered a direct hit from a powerful tornado that crumpled five of the massive power-producing towers, including one that burst into flames. Video of the direct hit on the wind farm near Greenfield on Tuesday showed frightening images of the violent twister tearing through the Iowa countryside. The MidAmerican Energy Company says several of the towers reported wind speeds of more than 100 mph as the tornado approached. Wind industry experts say the giant structures are built to withstand severe weather, but not a direct hit from a powerful tornado.