#BeKind When You're Online Initiative Kicks Off March 3rd - Parents Get Tools for Tech Management

Feb 20, 2020

What is "Vamping?"  When should my child get a phone?  How can I monitor my child online?

These are questions parents are asking every day.  Studies are now showing that unfettered access to screens for children is damaging them.  And parents need help finding answers.  That help is available to everyone on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 p.m. at Millard West High School.

The Millard Public Schools Superintendent's Interfaith Advisory is presenting the #BeKind When You're Online initiative.  In addition to a presentation, free and open to the public, there will also be "tool kits" that families can use to set boundaries and expectations regarding the use of technology, and how to present those new programs to kids.

Project Manager of the initiative, Marian Fey stopped by the studios at 33rd and Burt to explain to Mike Hogan how the program works, why it was created, and how everyone is welcome and encouraged to join!

More information can be found by emailing Marian at or you can get information at the Facebook event page

By the way, "vamping" is when kids wake up in the middle of the night to respond to posts, texts, and other notice driven alerts from their mobile device.  It is short for "vampire" because they don't sleep!