Employees with UHC Motion can walk their way to an Apple Watch

Apr 9, 2018

UnitedHealthcare Motion allows people to access wearable devices and earn more than $1000 a year by meeting certain walking goals.

Will Shanley, Spokesperson for UnitedHealthcare, says studies have repeatedly shown walking is good for a person’s health. 

So, UnitedHealthcare looked at the situation and discussed ways to create a program that incentivizes people to move more and improve their health. 

Ultimately, Shanley says they landed on wearable devices. 

UnitedHealthcare Motion is not a new program but Shanley says the company is always looking for ways to make it better and that’s where the Apple watch comes in.

"For minimal money out of pocket to begin with, you receive the Apple watch, start walking, hit your daily walking goals and over time, those rewards that would have gone to a health savings account, you know, use for health expenses, you can actually apply toward the cost of the device.  And you can essentially work your way toward having an Apple watch.”

Shanley says the program has three targets that employees can aim for to earn money each day.  They’re called FIT goals. 

That stands for frequency, intensity and tenacity.  Shanley explains employees should aim for moving frequently throughout their day, taking one dedicated 30-minute walk and trying for 10,000 steps per day.

If you have UnitedHealthcare, Shanley says you can check with your HR representative to find out if they carry the program.  More information is available at