New Fireworks Ordinance In Effect

Jun 25, 2019

(Omaha, NE)  --  Omaha's new fireworks ordinance is in effect. Omaha residents can only light off fireworks from July 2nd through July 4th.  The Omaha City Council unanimously approved an ordinance last September that shortened the city's fireworks lighting season from 10-days to three.  Fireworks sales are allowed in Omaha from June 28th through July 4th.  The full press release from the Omaha Police Department is below.

"With the Independence Day holiday approaching, the Omaha Police Department would like to remind the citizens of the fireworks ordinance in Omaha (City Ordinance 20-320). Selling of fireworks is permitted by authorized vendors during fireworks season, Friday, June 28th through Thursday, July 4th.  (City Ordinance 30-261).

Consumer fireworks can be discharged in Omaha from Tuesday, July 2 through Thursday, July 4, from noon to 11 p.m. daily. (City Ordinance 20-320). Persons discharging fireworks must be 16 years old or older.  Those between the ages of 12 and 16 can discharge fireworks only under direct supervision of someone 19 years old or older.

Fireworks complaints that are in progress should be directed to 402-444-5802.  This is a non-emergency number that will allow complaints to be dispatched to officers on the street and keep 911 lines open for emergencies. 911 should be called if there is immediate danger to life safety or property due to fireworks use.

The Omaha Police Department will have a group of officers dedicated to fireworks complaints each day during fireworks season. Violations of the City Ordinance are criminal offenses and violators are subject to arrest. Those found in violation of this ordinance could be cited for a criminal violation and may be subject to a $200 fine for each separate conviction."


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