UNMC Chancellor Dr. Jeffrey Gold becomes UNO Chancellor as well

May 11, 2017

The search for a new chancellor for the University of Nebraska at Omaha has been put on pause indefinitely.

Chancellor Gold

That’s according to University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds. 

He said the search was a challenge because there were approximately 100 other similar positions open around the country at the same time.  Additionally, the state’s current fiscal challenges worried some candidates. 

For now, UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey Gold will serve as chancellor for UNO as well.  Gold says he’s working hard on putting together some collaborative meetings and looking at ways to bring the two institutions closer together. 

He says the two universities share many programs right now including collaborations on international programming and biomedical technology development. 

Gold says he will divide his time based on where he is needed most.

"So for instance, certainly official functions will be prioritized on both campuses.  Leadership meetings and leadership development opportunities, as well as strategic planning, time with students, staff and faculty will be a very high priority for me.  Getting to know the campus will be extremely important as well.”

Gold says he will also be looking at places where there are barriers and working to reduce those as well as improving efficiency.

Dr. Gold has been UNMC’s chancellor since early 2014.