UNMC Enrollment is on the Rise

Sep 27, 2012

Enrollment at UNMC is at a record high this fall with 3,655 students, an increase of almost one-percent over last year.

Dr. Dele Davies, UNMC’s Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, says the university has added 20 new programs this year, including doctoral degrees in epidemiology and biostatistics. 

He says the new programs attract new students, but the university’s nursing programs are steadily growing as well. 

Dr. Davies says UNMC’s goal is to grow in response to the needs of the state and the country.  With that in mind, he says UNMC will expand their nursing program into Kearney and add Allied Health students there as well.

"That’s an area where they’ve identified a need for more students and Western Nebraska has a need for a lot of Allied Health student practitioners.  We are meeting the need close to home because we know that if we train students closer to where they live, they are more likely to stay there.”

Enrollment in doctoral and master’s programs in graduate studies increased by 3.8%, increasing from 445 students last year to 462 this year.