Women on a Mission Supporting Women and Girls Through Mentoring, Gina Ponce Discusses

Mar 16, 2020

Women on a Mission is a non-profit that is ALL about supporting women and girls through partnership, mentoring and socialization. The group facilitates access to services for women and girls to achieve lifelong goals in seven areas: Careers, health, applied life skills, nutrition, growing, your spirituality, education and mentoring. They’re basically trying to change the not-so-good stats – 61% of young women say leadership isn’t important to them.

Gina Ponce is the President and Founder of Women on a Mission.  She took the time to stop by the studios at 33rd and Burt to chat with Mike Hogan about the mission and the 10th annual Women on a Mission for Change conference. 

More information on the organization and whether or not the conference will still take place can be found at