Six Feet of Science: a kid's show in a time of social distancing

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Six Feet of Science, is a kid’s show for a time of social distancing. We know that the nationwide school closings have left many curious kids at home, and we know they have questions that just can’t wait till school starts again. That’s why we created this show! Kids call in with questions and host, Emily Chen-Newton will call an expert on the phone and we dig into the answer together.

This show only works because of kids like you! So, if you have a science question, grab a parent or older sibling to help you make the call: 531-299-9331.

Leave us a voicemail with:

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  3. Let us know if it’s ok to use your name and voice on the show!

Weekly episodes released on Saturday Mornings.

Gary Ruderman

In our final episode we're talking about some of the more unusual ways that matter behaves as we learn about making slime and strange process called, sublimation. We welcome back our friend and retired high school science teacher, Gary Ruderman as well as Blake Smith from the Omaha Children’s museum to help us with these questions. 


Click here to watch the dry ice video! *Don't try his at home. 


Mr. Benker, Benson High School

This week we are talking about the creation of our universe! You’ve heard of “matter”, but what about "antimatter"? Mr. Benker, science teacher from Benson High School, walks us through the basics of matter, antimatter, and particle smashing!


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Gary Ruderman

In this episode we travel up up up to the stars in the sky to learn about stellar nurseries where stars are born with high school science teacher Gary Ruderman. Then we come back down to earth to talk about cloud and fog formation with Cheryl Glasford of the Omaha Children’s Museum.

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Meredith Billings, Omaha Children's Museum

In this week’s episode, professor Steph Jesseau from the University of Nebraska Omaha answers your questions about technology addiction in this time of digital classrooms and online dance parties. Then the Omaha Children’s Museum’s Meredith Billings explains how the giant plates that make up our earth called tectonic plates, move and grow.

Omaha Children's Museum

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This week we continue with our questions on dinosaurs as we discuss the mass dino extinction with Lizzie Planck from the Omaha Children’s Museum. Then St Patrick Reid, Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska Medical Center explains vaccines and what that means for COVID-19.


Omaha Children's Museum

This week we talk about how viruses can jump from one species to another with Omaha Public School science teacher, Ms. Lostaglia-Hoskovec and  Dr. Theodore Cieslak from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Six Feet of Science: Bugs and Bees (episode 1)

Apr 25, 2020

In our first episode of Six Feet of Science, kids ask about viruses and honey bees. This week, we have a real life beekeeper and a doctor to help answer these curious questions! We owe a big thanks to Dr. Theodore Cieslak and Carol Fassbinder-Orth from the Bountiful Blossoms Bee Co. for their expert explaining.

Six Feet of Science: Trailer

Apr 23, 2020
Joshua LaBure

Episodes will be released early every Saturday morning so you can make us part of your new weekend routine! 

Our newest podcast series features local muscians including Collin Smith and artists from Culxr House. We are collaborating with both Omaha Public Schools and the Omaha Children's Museum on this project.