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Stories From the Trail: Day Two

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"Day Three, Stories From the Trail " Click to listen.

Fewer than ten long distance trails in the US are over a thousand miles. These trails, like the Appalachian Trail are famous; they take months to hike and decades to build across regions. Until now, The Great Plains region was often avoided when building these routes, but the newly established Great Plains Trail crosses right through its’ namesake for the entirety of the route. 

It runs from Texas to North Dakota, crossing western Nebraska. Steve Myers is the brains behind this decade long dream-project, but it’s only become a reality with help from all the outdoor men and women of the Great Plains Trail Alliance. One of those men is also the second person to ever thru-hike a section of trail, and Emily Chen-Newton caught up with him his second week of walking.

Omaha Public Radio would like to give a big thanks to Omaha businesses, The Gourmet Granola and Backwoods Store, for fueling our trek to western Nebraska – you have helped us all broaden our horizons with your granola bars, and dehydrated camping meals!

Some of the highlights from the Nebraska section of The Great Plains Trail:

Bison Bone Bed 

Foster’s Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast

Toadstool Geologic Park

Nebraska National Forest