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Krulwich to Depart Radiolab in Jan 2020

Jad Abumrad

After 15 years as the beloved co-host of WNYC Studios’ Radiolab and an illustrious five-decade career in print, television, and radio journalism, Robert Krulwich announced today that he will retire from the show in January 2020. Radiolab will release a special tribute episode in late January.

"When we set up shop years ago, the idea was to create a space where hard, hard subjects that nobody would think of as entertainment could be--well, entertaining," Krulwich said, "And disturbing.  And absorbing.  Against the odds, and against our expectations, the thing took off."

Krulwich says Radiolab will continue bringing listeners new, fresh, and engaging shows.  "There comes a time -- and I think it has come -- when you get out of the way and let the future come flooding in," he said.  "We have a flood of people who are ready to step up...that, I'm now thinking, may be our grandest achievement, that what we started just might endure with different voices, different forms, but true to the idea that complexity can be delicious."