parking tickets

Omaha drivers are being warned about getting barnacles: not on their boats, but on their cars.  The City Council this week voted to have the suction device that goes by that name placed on car windshields if the driver has three overdue parking tickets.  Barnacles have the same intended effect as the "boot" wheel clamp, and can only be removed if the fines are paid.  Drivers will have 24 hours to pay fines before their vehicle is towed.  The council also voted to increase fine totals.

Omaha Working On Parking Meter Plan

May 7, 2019

Omaha city officials are working on a proposal to ensure people pay outstanding parking tickets.  Under a plan, drivers with three outstanding parking meter tickets will have their vehicles towed by the city.  More than eight-thousand parking meter tickets went unpaid in Omaha last year, costing the city more than 100-thousand-dollars in uncollected fines.