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Panel discussion focuses on Middle East violence, U.S. role in foreign policy

A forum Thursday at UNO seeks to provide perspective on the causes of continuing violence in the Middle East.

UNO’s Middle East Project Fund is hosting the forum, which begins at noon in the Milo Bail Student Center. Last week, violence broke out in Lebanon following a car bombing there. Conflicts also continue in Syria.

Moshe Gershovich teaches history at UNO and is Director of the Middle East Project Fund. He says there are several areas of concern in the region, including ongoing violence in Libya. “We just marked earlier this week the first anniversary of the death of Qadhafi, which reminded us of course of the instability of that country. And of course a few weeks ago we had an attack on our consulate in Benghazi and the tragic death of our ambassador there and three other Americans, and the whole question of anti-Americanism there.”

Gershovich says the Presidential election will be important to U.S. policy on the Middle East going forward. He says the U.S. has an opportunity within the international community to make new connections and reinforce current interests.

The panel discussion includes Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Curtis Hutt, and Assistant Professor of Political Science Ramazan Kilinc.

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