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Spring Clean Up is Underway


The Spring Clean Up program is a joint effort between the City of Omaha, Keep Omaha Beautiful, and over 100 neighborhood associations.

The free event takes place in select Omaha neighborhoods from 9:00AM - 2:00PM every Saturday through May 21.

Chris Stratman is executive director of Keep Omaha Beautiful.

"Ultimately, what the event does is provide Omaha residents the opportunity to properly dispose of or even possibly recycle large and bulky items that they can’t typically put out with their regular curbside trash or recycling service.”

These items include things like old furniture, appliances, and mattresses. Tires, lead-acid batteries, and appliances must be taken to specific, designated locations. 

Certain other items are not accepted.  More information is available by calling the hotline at 402-444-4636.

Omaha residents do not have to be a member of a given neighborhood association to participate. You can take advantage of any dates or locations now through May 21st.

Michael Lyon is a native of great Britain who immigrated to Los Angeles in 1981. His business background is in banking: residential real estate operations, mergers and acquisitions. As Director of Fair Lending for the nation's largest thrift, he oversaw the implementation of a $70 million 10-year community reinvestment initiative.