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Whooping Cough Confirmed at Kiewit Middle School, Parents Receive Letter From School


Kiewit Middle School sent a letter this morning to parents reporting that a student at the school has been diagnosed with pertussis, also known as whooping cough.  The school included information on whooping cough and the diagnosed student's schedule in the letter.  They also alerted families that if they receive a second email then their student shared a classroom with the impacted one.

Kiewit Middle School urges families of those who shared a classroom with the sick student to watch for signs of a cough or persistent cold and then take their child the doctor immediately.

If you are a parent of a student and did not receive a second email then your child did not share a classroom with this student.

The content of the letter is posted below:

Dear Kiewit Families,

I want to share that unfortunately one of our students has been diagnosed with pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough. We wish the student a speedy recovery!

As we always do, we have shared this information, along with the student's schedule, with the Douglas County Health Department. They will direct us to send a letter to families of students who may have been exposed. If those students develop a persistent cough or cold, they should be seen by a doctor.

We also want to inform the school community, so everyone is aware. I'm including information on whooping cough. Families that have a student that may have shared a classroom with this student will receive another email from IC Messenger message with signs to look for. If you do not receive a second email. your student did not share a classroom with this student.

Please reach out to our school nurse if you have any questions at 402-715-1470.

Thank you,
Marshall Smith