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KIOS-FM Gets New Toll-Free Number (877-915-KIOS), Supporters Can Call From Everywhere!


KIOS, 91.5 FM is proud to announce our new toll-free telephone number.  Now listeners and members can call toll-free from across the country at 877-915-KIOS (877-915-5467).  

This new number, along with the ever expanding streaming offerings, podcasts, archived interviews, and expanding social media and web offerings are all a part of a larger mission: to continue to provide our listeners with the local programming and national NPR content whenever, wherever, and however our listeners choose to enjoy it. 

We value your time and thank you for the continued opportunity to inform, entertain, and share each and every day with you.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at

Or give us a call at 877-915-KIOS!!