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FBI Seeks New Talent and Who They Want May Surprise You-Special Agent Michele Stevenson Explains

You’ve seen the action, adventure, cool gadgets, and hard detective work that goes into being an FBI agent in the movies and on television.  Have you ever wondered if you have the skills necessary to be part of a team that can stop crimes, violence, and protect your friends and neighbors?  What skills does the FBI seek?

In this two-part “Live & Local” interview, Special Agent Michele Stevenson chats with Mike Hogan about the surprisingly diverse set of skills and people that are sought by the FBI.  She also discusses the many benefits of working for the FBI, why she has enjoyed a twenty-two year and counting career at the bureau, and what steps you can take to see if the FBI is the place for you to make your mark in the world.

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Michele Stevenson Interview-Part 2

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