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Juvenile Diabetes Can Strike Without Warning, Jared & Jenny Hensley Share Their Story in 2 Part Chat

Imagine, your child is not feeling well.  Muscles ache, energy is depleted, just can’t seem to return to feeling well.  After a doctor’s visit with tests, it’s straight to the hospital.  Your child has developed type-1 diabetes.  Why did this happen?  What do we do next?  How do we go on?

Jared and Jenny Hensley have lived through this type of event with their daughter, Ruby.  Every day they make their way in a world that literally changed overnight.  They are also doing something to fight this disease.  And you can, too.

The Hensleys are the co-chairpersons of the Omaha chapter Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s “JDRF One Walk,” which raises money for research and supplies to help families dealing with this condition.  The walk is this Sunday, October 10th. 

Jenny and Jared also spoke with Mike Hogan on KIOS-FM’s “Live & Local” program.  In this two-part interview, the Hensleys share their experience as parents.  They talk about Ruby’s diagnosis, coming home from the hospital, the anxiousness of taking care of her, and the tools provided by JDRF.

More information about the JDRF One Walk and juvenile diabetes can be found at the website

Jenny and Jared Hensley Interview-Part 2