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Missouri collecting containers found floating in floodwaters

Hundreds of containers — many carrying hazardous materials — have floated into Missouri since flooding in the upper Missouri River basin during the spring.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources officials say the agency collected more than 740 containers this year. Many are believed to be from Nebraska and Iowa.
The containers range from small buckets to 500,000-gallon (1.9 million-liter) tanks. Many contain diesel fuel, pesticides or ammonia.
KCUR reports most of the containers washed up on the banks of the Missouri River in northwest Missouri.
Environmental scientist Stephen McLane says the goal is to return the containers to their owners, but many don’t have identifying marks.
A recycler in Kansas City has helped the agency dispose of roughly 12,000 gallons (45,425 liters) of fuel, pesticides and herbicides.
McLane said the agency expects to be collecting orphaned containers through at least January.

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