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Early voting could be 30 percent of Douglas County's total votes in November election

Democrats outnumber Republicans by a three-to-one margin when it comes to early voting ballot requests by mail.

Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps says his office has received 22,000 requests by mail for early voting ballots. Another 1,200 voters have cast ballots early in-person. Phipps says outreach by the Democratic Party has encouraged more voters to request ballots.

"The State Democratic Party has sent out two or three different mailings, I know they’ve gone door to door and done a number of things to try to encourage early voting and get those numbers up. And so, you’re looking at for mail, about 13,000 people voting early are Democrats, and about 4,000 are Republican."

Phipps expects early voting to account for as much as 30 percent of the total votes cast in the November fourth general election.

In Sarpy County, Election Commissioner Wayne Bena says his office has had 5,581 requests for early voting ballots. Twice as many Democrats as Republicans have requested ballots.

The last day to request an early voting ballot by mail is October 29th. You can vote early in-person at the Election Commission office until November third.