An interview with Reid Anderson of The Bad Plus

Feb 26, 2013


The Bad Plus will return to Omaha on Friday, March 1 at 8:00pm for a performance at the 1200 Club at the Holland Performing Arts Center.

The band will be performing On Sacred Ground, their interpretation of Igor Stravinsky's score to The Rite of Spring. The group’s rendition of this great work incorporates a multimedia presentation for added impact.

A band well known for their fearless re-arrangements of pop classics into unpredictable jazz explorations, The Bad Plus has earned a reputation as iconoclasts. An acquired taste to many, refreshingly outrageous to others, The Bad Plus-Reid Anderson on bass, Ethan Iverson on piano, and David King on drums, have released a highly original body of work over the last decade. The fearless free-spirited demolition of of expected chord structure and melody into something completely unexpected is a Bad Plus trademark. The most recent effort from the band, "Made Possible", features selections that are more accessible & melodic than many previous Bad Plus recordings.

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Last Call host Chris Cooke interviewed bassist Reid Anderson of the Bad Plus in 2009.  Click on the link at the top of the article to hear the interview with Reid Anderson. Recording Engineer: Mike Hansen.