Jazz Junction Review: ELIANE ELIAS - MADE IN BRAZIL – Concord Jazz

Apr 3, 2015

This new release from vocalist and pianist Eliane Elias marks the first time she has recorded in her native Brazil since 1981. Incorporating music from three generations of Brazilian composers, Elias has rendered a beautiful album that epitomizes that exquisite quality of Brazilian music to blend the melancholy and the uplifting with beats that soothe the soul.

Elias has added vocals from Take 6, Roberto Menescal, Mark Kibble and daughter Amanda Brecker on various tracks, some of which also feature strings that were overdubbed in London. Although her recent albums are primarily vocal sessions, Elias's piano playing, so evocative of her Brazilian roots, is given solo space on several tracks and is an essential part of her appeal. With its shimmering rhythms and Elias's dulcet voice, Made In Brazil is like taking an aural sip of something indescribably delicious.

Musicians: Eliane Elias – vocals, piano, keyboards; Marcus Teixeira - guitar; Marcelo Mariano or Marc Johnson - bass; Edu Ribeiro or Rafael Barata - drums; Mauro Refosco, or Marivaldo dos Santos - percussion; Take 6, Roberto Menescal, Mark Kibble, Amanda Brecker – additional vocals
Selections: Brasil; Voce; Aquas de Marco; Searching; Some Enchanted Place; Incendiano; Vida; Este Seu Olhar / Promessas; Driving Ambition; Rio; A Sorte do Amor; No Tabuleiro de Baiana