The Latest: Nebraska Governor Says Criticism of GOP 'Baseless'

Aug 6, 2019

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is defending the Republican Party from criticism by a state senator that the GOP is "enabling white supremacy" through its support of President Donald Trump.

Ricketts, a Republican Trump supporter, called the critique by state Sen. John McCollister "baseless" in a Twitter posting Monday afternoon.

Ricketts doesn't mention McCollister by name in his posting, but says the GOP doesn't tolerate hateful views. He says white supremacy and racism have no place in the country and must be driven out.

Ricketts and McCollister have been at odds before, despite sharing the same party affiliation. McCollister has criticized the Ricketts administration's handling of a voter-approved mandate to expand Medicaid in Nebraska. State officials under Ricketts say they're being cautious and prudent.