Nebraska Democrats prepare to caucus for the third time

Feb 29, 2016

Four days after Super Tuesday, Nebraska Democrats will caucus for the third time.

The 2016 caucus is Saturday, March 5th, starting at 10 am. The Nebraska Democratic Party moved from a primary to a caucus in 2008 in hopes of having more say in choosing the presidential nominee. About 38,000 registered Democrats participated in the 2008 Nebraska caucus.

Nebraska Democratic Party chairman Vince Powers says this election year, state Democrats are energized by the close race between Senator Bernie Sanders and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"There are 25 delegates at issue, and either one would like the majority of those delegates. And so as we move forward, we see what the caucus has done is bring the presidential campaign to Nebraska. It’s been a long, long time since two presidential campaigns have devoted resources to this state."

Powers says Nebraska Democrats are focused on the economy, inequality, and national security issues this election year.

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