Nebraska lawmakers respond to State of the Union address

Jan 25, 2012

Nebraska’s Second District Congressman and two U.S. Senators say they support the further development of domestic sources of energy.

That was one topic President Barack Obama discussed during Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Obama called for further development of alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power. Second District Republican Congressman Lee Terry says the energy policy should also include discussions on oil production. “He talked about opening up parts of the Gulf, but there’s a lot of other areas that we could open up too if we were really serious about creating millions of jobs and being energy independent. You have to have everything.”

The President also discussed the need to end some regulations he says are hurting business. Republican U.S. Senator Mike Johanns says those are issues both parties need to agree on. “I’m willing to work with anyone in an effort to find solutions to control spending to rein in our debt and begin to untangle the regulations that are currently choking our economy.”

Democratic U.S. Senator Ben Nelson says a domestic energy policy should include more support for fuels made in Nebraska. “Today, the ethanol we produce displaces 445 million barrels of oil annually that we don’t have to import from unstable areas of the world. It’s creating more than 400,000 American jobs, including more than 1,300 jobs in Nebraska.”

President Obama also called for more bipartisanship in Congress.

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