Remembering Horace Silver: A 1998 Conversation

Jul 1, 2014

Horace Silver, pianist, bandleader and composer, passed away in June. He was 85.

The legendary hard bop pianist was one of the most significant artists on Blue Note records, creating some of the most widely enjoyed recordings on the label. Silver believed music could be a healing force. On a recorded library that spanned several decades the pianist certainly created music that was A Prescription For The Blues as his 1997 record was titled.    

In 1998 I caught up with Horace Silver via phone.  In a wide ranging interview Silver shared with me many colorful details of his legendary career as a hard bop pianist. Silver also talked about the many jazz artists that he worked with over the decades, including Lester Young, Eddie Harris, and the Brecker Brothers. He also candidly revealed his metaphysical beliefs and their inspiration for his music, especially his "United States of Mind" three volume series of recordings.

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Recording engineer: Mike Hansen