Salvation Army Omaha provides relief from the heat

Jul 23, 2018

The Salvation Army has long offered cooling stations for those who need a break from the oppressive heat during the hot Nebraska summers.

Susan Eustice, Divisional Director of Public and Media Relations, says the cooling stations actually opened in May this year as hotter temps swept into the city earlier than usual.  

Eustice says the Salvation Army centers in Omaha and Council Bluffs serve as cooling centers during regular business hours when the weather conditions meet certain guidelines.

"Those are in operation when the heat index is expected to reach 105 degrees or when the air temperature reaches 90 or more for two consecutive days.  So those hours vary a little by location but there are five of them in Omaha.  We want people to be able to plan ahead for the next heat wave, which we know, is coming since we are only halfway through the summer. And we want them to know where these stations are so they can be safe.”  

In addition to its cooling centers, the Salvation Army also offers fans for those who don’t have air conditioning.

For cooling center locations as well as information on the summer fan program, the website is