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KIOS Profiles’ goal is to highlight and learn more about the interesting places, history, and people that make this area what it is. Produced locally at KIOS by David Koesters, it airs weekly on Wednesdays during Morning Edition at 8:44am, and again in the afternoon at 4:44pm during All Things Considered.

Latest Episodes
  • Learning about Nebraska Wildlife Rehab during their annual bat release. Nebraska Wildlife Rehab rehabilitates native Nebraska wildlife and migratory birds for return to the wild, preserves and restores native habitats, educates the public about the importance of wildlife and ecosystems, and supports others engaged in similar projects and activities. Over two-thousand people came out to watch bats being released back into the Omaha wild.
  • A brief look at the history of Sokol in Omaha and its gymnastics legacy that lives on in Nebraska. Founded in 1862 in what is now the Czech Republic, Sokol focused on athleticism and physical education with the principle of a strong mind in a sound body. Sokol's influence spread through Eastern Europe and parts of the United States wherever Czech immigrants settled.
  • City Sprouts’ mission is to use urban agriculture as a platform to develop equitable food systems, provide educational opportunities, and build community. They boast being the oldest community garden in the city, and teach Omahans environmentally responsible and sustainable gardening techniques. Plus, chickens are fun.
  • If you’re interested in beekeeping, or dedicated to the health and vibrancy of honey bees in our area, the Omaha Bee Club is an invaluable resource. The Omaha Bee Club provides education, training, and mentorship throughout the year and across all levels of beekeeper development. It’s also just a great place to meet fellow apiarists.
  • Spielbound boasts the largest playable board game library in the country, but this Omaha nonprofit offers so much more. If you are a lover of board games of any type, or just want to experience the fun and magic of board games in as accessible a way as possible, then Spielbound at 33rd and Harney was created for you.
  • As the automobile gained traction in this country, Henry Ford pushed the boundaries of production and efficiency giving him a major foothold in the industry. Hear how Omaha played a role in the manufacture of those early Fords.
  • Omaha has a new science museum. The Kiewit Luminarium opens on the newly designed riverfront in downtown Omaha. Immerse yourself in science with a community focus. It's also just a lot of fun.
  • Legislative Bill 574, the “Let Them Grow Act,” prohibits gender altering procedures for individuals under the age of 19 and allows for civil action against violators of the act. The bill is one of dozens of anti-transgender laws proposed throughout the United States this year. This is a roll-up of quotes from every Nebraska Senator who participated in the floor debate of LB 574 during the week of March 21-23.
  • What does a city do when its expanding downtown has too many hills? In Omaha's case, just get rid of them. Hear the story of the lowering of downtown Omaha and the iconic remnants that remain. (Hint: St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church is one of them.)
  • The sandhill cranes have been migrating through central Nebraska for thousands of years with over a million birds stopping along the Platte for a pitstop each spring. It's a sight to behold.