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In New Novel 'Reprieve,' a Nebraska Haunted House is the Setting for a Story About Racism

Cover of James Han Mattson's novel "Reprieve." It's an illustrated aerial view of a car pulling up to a large, old looking house in the middle of a field. The dark color palette suggests it is fall or winter.

Author James Han Mattson discusses his new novel "Reprieve," a literary novel of social horror centered on a brutal killing that takes place in a full-contact haunted escape room. It's a provocative exploration of capitalism, hate politics, racial fetishism and our cultural obsession with fear as entertainment. Check out "Reprieve" wherever you get books.

Mattson will also be at Francie and Finch in Lincoln at 5:30 on Oct. 29 for a book launch event. Author and University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Gene Kwak will facilitate a conversation with Mattson.

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