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Riverside Chats is a series of conversations that explore the culture of Omaha and aims to tell the stories of the interesting people active in the city. Featured guests include artists, musicians, comedians, filmmakers, politicians, business owners, and more.Riverside Chats is produced at KIOS Omaha Public Radio. Listen on 91.5 FM on Mondays at noon! The show is always available on all your favorite audio streaming apps. If you are interested in being a featured guest on Riverside Chats and have some kind of project, business, issue, or local connection you would be interested in discussing, email us at

Volunteer Lawyers with 'TAP' Are Taking on the Eviction Crisis One Case at a Time

Red graphic against white background with the silhouettes of houses and apartment buldings above text reading "Tenant Assistance Project." The first letter of each word is bolded.
Tenant Assistance Project

Attorneys Laurel Heer Dale and Michael Milone discuss the eviction crisis and how they're addressing it through the Tenant Assistance Project — also known as TAP — which offers free legal assistance to tenants facing eviction.

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